The world is moving at a break-neck speed and what with the rapid development and the growth of industrialization one often tends to forget about the havoc this machine-oriented world order wrecks upon nature and the most basic conditions which sustain life on earth. Ecological necessities often take a back seat in the name of industrial growth and urbanization. And there are very few people who dare to address these issues and who understand the importance of industrialization, but only in an environment friendly way.
There has to be a balance between development and ecological concerns and there are various NGOs as well as the UN bodies such as the WWF which have set certain parameters which need to be adhered to while on the way to industrial progress. Jon M Queen DC is one of the few such brilliant people who recognize the importance of such a balanced act. He went to Law school; he has a Certificate of Study in Business and Public Policy from the prestigious Wharton Business School, he is a Doctorate in Law from the University of Pennsylvania and to top it all off, he also has a degree of Economics from Cornell University.
A man of varied interests and a man who made sure that he got the best possible qualifications from the crème de la crème of Academic Institutions, when Jon M Queen talks, one listens. And what could be better and nobler than a man who uses these qualifications to bring about a change in the world?
What could be more useful than a man who realizes the importance of growth in a sustainable way? And that is exactly what he stands for. Jon M Queen has worked for Jon Hancock Services as a Licensed Securities Representative. He has been an Attorney for Latham and Watkins LLP and he also gives out advice and consultation to industries on the issues of using alternative sources of energy as well as on emissions trading.
He has been helping the Foundation for the Development of Environmental and Energy Policy. He also helps develop plans which abide by the Kyoto Protocol’s Joint Implementation Mechanism as well as the rules under WWF’s Gold Standard. He also helps with the initiation of industrial plans under Clean Development Mechanism.
The world today needs more people to step up and recognize the important of environment stability alongside industrial growth. And Jon M Queen stands as a shining example of how it need not be a decision requires standing up for only one of the two sides.




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